Midnet Media: Come grow with us.


Midnet Media came into this world in the year 2000 as a small web design and build shop primarily serving the West Central Ohio region. The world wide web was still in its infancy for the majority of the public, and Midnet took the opportunity to grow and mature our company in lockstep with the world of the world wide web.

Nearly two decades later, we’ve grown. We’ve grown the services we offer. We’ve grown our team. And we’ve grown our service territory substantially -- gratefully working with clients in a variety of industries from coast to coast (and beyond).

Now we hang our hats in the Halls of Hanover -- a 1931 school building that is ready to grow with us over the next 87 years. Stop by to meet our team of creative designers, skilled developers, thorough content managers, copy editors, communicative project managers and marketing minds. Come grow with us.

We are a group of Innovative designers & developers

We're passionate about helping make our clients successful. We accomplish this through a series of complex meetings by getting to know our clients and building something awesome together.