Setting the standards in
burlap & wire baskets.

- Dayton Bag & Burlap

Dayton Bag & Burlap, one of the nation’s largest converters of jute and burlap products, has proudly provided the highest quality merchandise and services to businesses worldwide since 1910. Their services range from industrial and nursery supply distribution, to custom projects.

Services provided: Print Design, Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Email Campaigns, Photography, Video Production

Our Dayton Bag & Burlap Projects

A polished new look.

We decided on a more industrial, complex design for Dayton Bag & Burlap to emphasize the different divisions that the company caters to. As the keepers of their brand guide, Midnet Media is always prepared to create tailored content for any situation, such as product-specific email campaigns for individual sales territories.


Our Dayton Bag & Burlap Responsive Website

Providing a solution that grows with Dayton Bag & Burlap.

Dayton Bag & Burlap has continued to grow through the years, bringing on new products and even new business segments such as their Automotive Division. As they grow, so, too, do Midnet’s efforts to properly meet the changing needs of their organization. Different divisions require different marketing priorities, and Midnet is always prepared to take on whatever the task may entail.

Our Dayton Bag & Burlap Projects

A deep-rooted relationship.


Dayton Bag & Burlap prides itself on their extensive, rich history. Midnet Media is proud to be a part of that story for many years running now. From SEO to design to video production and everything in between, Midnet continues to tackle it all for Dayton Bag & Burlap.

Photo Shoot of Wire Baskets at Dayton Bag & Burlap Photo Shoot of Wire Baskets at Dayton Bag & Burlap Photo Shoot of Wire Baskets at Dayton Bag & Burlap

Our industry is constantly evolving and Midnet Media has always pushed to take us to the next level. Whatever our marketing needs, Midnet has risen to the task and then some with a consistent stream of new ideas for the Dayton Bag & Burlap brand.

Sam Lumby President, Dayton Bag & Burlap