World-class supplier of equipment and services
for the material forming industry.

- Nidec Minster

Nidec Minster Corporation is a world-class supplier of equipment and services for the material forming industry. Minster provides their industry with a variety of single source, total solutions in more than 87 countries around the world. Spirited and dedicated employees stand behind the same principle that has guided the company for more than 119 years -- a commitment to delivering integrity, quality and value to the customer.

Services provided: Print Design, Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Email Campaigns, Photography, Video Production

Pressing the Reset Button

The industry-dominant Nidec Minster needed a new website and Midnet Media was thrilled to assist. As an international behemoth with a strong local presence, we relished the chance to work with the team at Nidec Minster to create a new website that showcases that dichotomy. From a design standpoint, Midnet ultimately came to a more industrial look with the intention of providing the new website a “big” and “fresh” feel.


Expert Control

One of the many great parts of Midnet is the vast knowledge our team possesses across myriad disciplines that give us the ability to tackle whatever a project demands. One example of executing this multidisciplinary approach led to Midnet incorporating video content into the header image space of Nidec’s new website. Without the skill sets of multiple Midnet team members, this vision would not have been possible!

Close to Home

Nidec Minster was yet another wonderful organization we had the pleasure of collaborating with. While Midnet is always appreciative of clients of any size in any location, Nidec was a special opportunity to foster a relationship with a great company right in our own backyard.