Caring Without Limits

- Wilson Health

Throughout its history, Wilson Health has been about people who have joined together to provide solutions for the healthcare needs of all. Wilson Health is about people who have viewed the hospital as a pivotal and necessary asset to help keep the community viable, and it is about people who have committed their time, talents and resources to ensure a healthy future for their children.

Services provided: Print Design, Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Email Campaigns, Photography, Video Production

Furthering the brand.

Midnet worked hand in hand with the Wilson Health marketing team to maintain their brand standards while attractively translating those standards to the web. Our ability to work with existing design materials and standards, or to create “the look” from scratch enables Midnet Media to jump in at any juncture and deliver seamless results.


Wilson Health Responsive Website

Ensuring a healthy future.

We subscribe to a philosophy that is similar to Wilson Health -- our goal with each and every web project that we touch is to design and build with the future in mind. Our websites always have an eye toward tomorrow, as we stay on top of the latest web trends and standards.

Continuity of care.

Midnet Media is fortunate to have been Wilson Health’s partner since 2005. We pride ourselves in keeping a cohesive team together at Midnet Media so that we may care for all of our clients’ needs for years and even decades.