An award winning leader in the Industrial and Commercial Roofing industry.

- Cotterman and Company, Inc.

Founded by Max R. Cotterman in 1978, Cotterman and Company, Inc. has become an award-winning leader in the industrial and commercial roofing industries, specializing in new construction, re-roofs, roof repairs and roof maintenance programs. Today, Cotterman and Company, Inc. employs over 85 dedicated and experienced personnel and operates from locations in Dayton, Minster and Columbus, Ohio.

Services provided: Print Design, Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Email Campaigns

A Fresh Look

When the conversation with Cotterman and Company began about a new website, Midnet started the same way we always do - growing our understanding of what characteristics the users of this new website possess. Through an ongoing dialogue with the team at Cotterman, Midnet designed and developed their new website with their ideal users in mind, so we were targeting industrial and commercial organizations. Designing and building the website with these audiences in mind is one of many steps towards expanding the Cotterman brand in their market.


Expanding the Audience

Beyond the new website, Midnet Media also assists Cotterman in identifying new potential business by creating and managing Google AdWords campaigns. Utilizing the vast knowledge of paid search at Midnet Media, we worked with the team at Cotterman to define the ideal potential client and create campaigns specifically geared toward capturing that business.

Earning a Trusted Relationship

Midnet’s relationship with Cotterman and Company, Inc. continues to strengthen and evolve as time goes on. From website design and development, to SEO and paid search, Midnet continues to put its best foot forward for Cotterman by ensuring that each potential customer touch point paints Cotterman in the best possible light.

Midnet Media is excellent! Throughout every step of our website process (design, development, SEO implementation) their expertise and professionalism continues to exceed our expectations.

Jon Plattner Director of Sales & Marketing, Cotterman & Company, Inc.